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As a musician and tutor my main aim is simply to pass on my knowledge and experiences to others. Back in 2003 in gained my Higher National Diloma in Modern Musicianship and have gone on to enjoy a career in performing and teaching for over a decade. Although singing has always been my main interest, I am a multi-instrumentalist with guitar, saxophone and keyboard featuring strongly in my performing. Earning my diploma has given me a great knowledge of music theory, vocal technique & anatomy, composition & arrangement, recording & sound engineering and of course solo and group performance, all of which are included in my teachings.

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AS A PERFORMER: I have enjoyed work as a professional musician with many of Scotland's top bands for the last decade. I recent years I have not only been hired as a performer but have taken on lead roles such as band manager. Below is a list of my past & current posts.

2010 - Present : BiasFirey - Original Album Project 

2016 - 2017 : The AM/FM - Function Cover Band

2015 : Dirty Harry - Blondie Tribute 

2005 - 2015 : The Vinyl Countdown Showband - Function Cover Band

2003 - 2008 : Carwash - 70s Tribute

2002 - 2008 : Vienna - 80s Tribute

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