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AS A TEACHER: I began my teaching career as a volunteer student for the Edinburgh City Council project 'Step into Pop' back in 2001. Since then I've taught in a wide range of enviroments, teaching adults and children of all ages and levels. 

As well as Sing Studio, I have also worked as a freelance singing teacher and performance coach for the following establishments:

Edinburgh City Council.
Over several years, I’ve taught at various vocal workshops from adult classes to teenage performance groups.

“Dance, Drama, Singing”
Performing arts group for children aged 5 –12 years, where I was involved in many shows doing everything from teaching, performance coaching, composing and musical direction.

“21st Century Dance Academy”
I introduced singing into this otherwise dance based academy. Again as the musical director, we performed several highly successful shows.

“Steps Ahead Dance School”
Working closely with a local dance tutor, we offered dance and singing classes to the smaller towns surrounding Edinburgh.

Various Private Nurseries in Edinburgh
I’ve worked with several private nurseries in Edinburgh, offering fun, confidence boosting lessons, teaching children as young as 2 years old.

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